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Cruise into Eden (Eden, #1)
Lexi Post
Star Crossed, Teaser Boxed Set: Eight Steamy Excerpts
Rebecca Royce, Ann Mayburn, T.L. Reeve, Sabrina York, Dena Garson, Michelle Fox, Virginia Cavanaugh, Katalina Leon
Claimed by the Dragons: A Dragon-Shifter Ménage (With a BONUS BOOK, for a Limited Time)
Cara Wylde
Cowboy Justice 12-Pack
Susan Stoker, Lexi Post, Becky McGraw, Sabrina York, Cynthia D'Alba, Randi Alexander, Sable Hunter, Donna Michaels, Lindsay McKenna, Delilah Devlin, Beth Williamson, Elle James
Love 'Em
Linda Harvey Kelley
Rescuing Markas
Megan Slayer
The Sordid Promise
Courtney Lane

Born to be Different

Born to be Different - A.L. Simpson This is book 2 in this series and another brilliant tale of romance.
We revisit the world of Hamish and Blossom, but this book is centered around Wade who also works in the restaurant and his friend and soon to be lover Rafe.
Ex-lovers reenter their lives causing drama and critical injuries giving the readers some heart stopping moments.
This is a well written, tasteful m/m romance. The story flows well and the characters are real and engaging. There is plenty of banter and laughter in between all the drama making for a story you won't be able to put down.
I highly recommend this to all lovers of romance who like a bit of spice.