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Cruise into Eden (Eden, #1)
Lexi Post
Star Crossed, Teaser Boxed Set: Eight Steamy Excerpts
Rebecca Royce, Ann Mayburn, T.L. Reeve, Sabrina York, Dena Garson, Michelle Fox, Virginia Cavanaugh, Katalina Leon
Claimed by the Dragons: A Dragon-Shifter Ménage (With a BONUS BOOK, for a Limited Time)
Cara Wylde
Cowboy Justice 12-Pack
Susan Stoker, Lexi Post, Becky McGraw, Sabrina York, Cynthia D'Alba, Randi Alexander, Sable Hunter, Donna Michaels, Lindsay McKenna, Delilah Devlin, Beth Williamson, Elle James
Love 'Em
Linda Harvey Kelley
Rescuing Markas
Megan Slayer
The Sordid Promise
Courtney Lane

Alpha Shifter Seductions (Shifter Paranormal Romance Boxed Set)

Alpha Shifter Seductions (Shifter Paranormal Romance Boxed Set) - Phoenix Johnson, Kiki Howell, Elle Thorne, Melissa Bell, Kim Faulks, Lashell Collins, Amy Lee Burgess, Bethany Shaw, Fiona Steele, Angelica Dawson, Gina Kincade, DJ Shaw I was gifted this ARC for an honest review. What a wonderful collection of stories and a great way to 'meet' new authors, well to me anyway. I couldn't pick a favourite and none of them bored me, something for everyone who likes shifters.

Kitsune's Raven by fellow Aussie Phoenix Johnson whom I've read before and loved. This tale between two rival shifters flowed seamlessly drawing me into the lives of the two lovers. It sizzled and then nooooo it was over already, I want more.

On to book 2 with a new author for me.....Lashell Collins you rock, I'm following you now, not finished your story yet just had to add that lol. Finished The Claiming and I'm definitely a new fan, well done. It's not easy wrapping up a short story and not leaving the reading hanging. I thoroughly enjoyed that one.

Savage by Kim Faulks left me a bit confused at the start but I got into in and enjoyed it and then I wanted more.

Love Like Wings by Amy Lee Burgess, dragon shifter...sigh...I loved it, great story and it was different.

Claiming His Mate by Bethany Shaw, wolf shifter and a human. Great romance that flowed well, I really enjoyed this one.

Complication by Elle Thorne was a Polar Bear and a Panther with a bit of a 'complication' that you'll have to read to find out. I really enjoyed this one too.

When the Snow Flies by Kiki Howell involved a human and a dragon, I do love dragon shifter stories and I enjoyed this one immensely.

Unbroken by Fiona Steele is set on an island with the lost King of Pegasi, I don't think I've read a pegasus shift before, it was unique and flowed smoothly keeping my attention....I just wanted one more chapter, what happened next lol

Not Your Bitch by Angelica Dawson, well I wanted to slap that girl for putting up with that crap. Author pulled me into that story line hook line and sinker.

Ngyong's Tiger by Melissa Bell One of Japanese folk law. I do love a good plot and enjoyed this one.

Changeling's Revenge by DJ Shaw The Devil himself and the fae, this story was different to the rest and a nice finish to the boxed set.